My Amazing Learning Library

Learn and have fun with The Amazing Learning Library Dokéo!



The Amazing Learning Library Dokéo is suitable for children aged 5 and up and will follow his progress throughout primary school.
This extremely rich educational learning library offers long playing hours.
40 fun cards organized into 5 major fields : Nature
History , the World Today , the Human Body , the Earth and the Universe

3 free cards (The solar system,The five senses, In the savannah) are included and allows you to explore the potential of this app.

• Your child will be able to explore all the cards by himself: by pressing on the images, your child will find explanations (all audio), hear funny dialogs and music, see animations, photo slide show, photos and 3D objects. He will learn many things about the heart of Amazonia, the Middle Ages, the Human Body – all in one app!
• Also included on each card are games with trophies to win! Children can test their knowledge, skills and memory!

*This app does not require any internet connection – a real asset during holidays and trips!

*One unique Learning Library for many playing hours:

• 5 major fields of knowledge
• 40 cards to be explored indefinitely
• For each cards, 2 modes are available : exploration or game
• 3D pictures, photo slide shows and animations
• The magic of sound : many different voices, sound effects and music
• Trophies to be won
• Well-known illustrator

The 5 major fields are available for purchase in the shop corner of this app :
• Nature
• History
• the World Today
• the Human Body
• the Earth and the Universe

Also available: One pack including all 5 fields at a discount price


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