Little Red Riding Hood

Discover the interactive story of Little Red Riding Hood in this beautiful application.



When revisiting the Grimms’ Brothers and Charles Perrault’s fairy tales, the writer of this interactive book wanted to delight both the kids and their parents!

This interactive story offers an unrivalled educational experience!

– For toddlers a comedian tells the story underlined by auditory effects and accompanied by several musical themes facilitating the immersion and understanding of the animated tale.

– For elder kids, the bases of language teaching and reading have been accentuated by offering the child a ludic approach.

The discovery and exploration around this application enable the child to develop its curiosity, to test its knowledge, to train its logic, to stimulate its sensitivity in a story cradled in poetry where the decor offers multiple surprises to discover!

To allow the child learning while playing, we insisted on the understanding of the tale in keeping with the curriculum of the school ; in addition to the traditional way of reading, offer your child interactive reading exercices (link elements of the story), multiple choice exercices, exercices associated with the chronology of the story, exercices to make sentences and associate images and texts…

Considering that growing up also means playfulness, we offer a play field to encourage the child to develop other psychomotor skills. In this sandbox we find the 7-mistake-game which is excellent for concentration and visual representation, puzzles to train the mental skill and both visual and auditory memory games to task and stimulate the different memory channels of the child.


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