Farty Fennie

Careful with Fennie and her funny farts!



The players will successively make the wheel spin and must produce the action selected:
– Cow’s tail: The player who turned the selector must raise the tail. If Fennie laughs or moos, nothing happens. If it farts, the player is given a fly as a forfeit.
– The fragrance: If the wheel stops on the the fragrance, the player can get rid of one of his fly and give it to another child.
– The dung: The player loses automatically and has to take a fly without trying to raise the tail of the cow
– Clothes peg: When the player gets the clothes peg, he wins immunity until another player gets it.
– The head: If the selector stops on the head, the player can rotate Fennie and place its bump in front of the player ofhis choice, who then has to pull the tail.

Age: 4Y+


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