Our Focus

We focus on what we do best – which is to create the most tecnologically advanced, safe and fun products and toys for children and families.

Competitive on Price

We know how to provide high quality and safe products at the most competitive prices. We work to create the best possible and most innovative products, using highly efficient manufactuing procedures.

Quality and Safety

KD Group has its own in-house R&D, Design & Development and Production Teams. These teams ensure that our products are of the highest quality and safety. We ensure full compliance with international safety and environmental standards.

Efficient Product Development Cycle

All our products are developed by specialized and experienced teams that know how to develop and launch new product in a timely and highly efficient manner.

Our Own Brands, R&D&I and Manufacturing!

Kidz Delight, a brand of preschool toys, and Kurio, a brand of technology devices, are our primary brands. We have teams located around the world focused on R&D&I, Product Development and Manufacturing.