The permanent and modern international showroom was opened by the Group’s President – Dr Luis Bravo, who was joined by senior personnel and employees of the CIDE Group of Companies. Dr Luis Bravo, officiating at the event said: “I am delighted to officially open this showroom in Hong Kong today. This permanent and modern facility will allow us to exhibit our existing and upcoming products all year round, and additionally will provide a location for meetings with potential customers”. Opening the showroom in Hong Kong is considered to be a strategic advantage, due to its ideal setting for international business. “Our Hong Kong facility has an excellent work force who are hard-working and trust-worthy. Hong Kong itself is obviously an international business hub easily accessible through the international airport, and has become a vital stop in the Toy Industry international agenda. Both our management team and customers enjoy coming to visit here and we feel this showroom will allow us to further develop existing and new relationships”.